Monday, July 5, 2010

AffiloJetpack Review | AffiloJetpack Special Bonus

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At first glance, it's hard to know who Mark Ling is aiming his new AffiloJetpack product at.

Mark is widely respected in the internet marketing industry for his direct, no-hype approach to teaching affiliate marketing. His previous products have been the highly-praised step-by-step AffiloBlueprint course (aimed squarely at beginner affiliates), while his Affilorama Premium product continues to draw more advanced subscribers to its monthly tools/tips/hosting package.

But I'm confused about AffiloJetpack.

On one hand it looks to be targeted at complete newcomers to affiliate marketing, but on the other hand it seems to be pressing hot-buttons for more experienced affiliates.

For people who are completely new to internet marketing, Mark has identified a number of hurdles that stand between the average Joe Newbie and affiliate riches, and he seems intent on smashing every one of them.

The first hurdle that he says trips people up is in choosing a niche to target. I can't disagree with that. I've seen affiliates spend weeks deliberating over a niche. So for AffiloJetpack to come along with TEN niches hand-picked by Mark Ling himself and PROVEN to be winners... well, that's certainly going to help some newbies out.

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(And maybe even some more experienced affiliates who are looking for a niche to go into next.)
The second hurdle Mark identifies is in the actual building of a website, so he's put together his very own Wordpress theme designed to make it easy for even the most inexperienced web designer to tweak the layout and design of their site. It includes some other nifty functionality that only someone experienced in building affiliate sites would think of, such as a squeeze page generator that lets you use Mark's most successful squeeze page layouts in your own promotions. Nice!

The theme also reflects Mark's extensive background in tutoring inexperienced affiliates... he's added things like image uploaders so that users don't have to master an FTP program to get their header or background images online.

I have to say, this theme is PERFECT for web novices. And with AffiloJetpack, Mark has also thrown in free hosting with what they've called "Incubator Hosting". I know from experience that it can take quite a few steps to install Wordpress and a great theme on a hosting provider. Each step is something that can go wrong. So I really think a lot of newbies are going to appreciate this one-click setup.

On top of all this comes the content: Twenty articles of very high quality that you can either just plug into the site as-is, or re-word to get full SEO benefit.

So that's pretty much a kitset website: Everything you need to build an affiliate site in a very short space of time. It's a great start for newcomers to affiliate marketing who just want to get something up on the web quickly, without the long learning curve.

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But here's where it gets more advanced.

Whereas I would have considered all this content and functionality to be an OK product on it's own... Mark says this is just the beginning. In other words, this isn't even the main show.

The main show is what comes next: A 80-part autoresponder series that you can plug into a service like Aweber and use to start collecting email addresses and building a relationship with people who sign up.

Mark says that the thing that disappoints him the most is when affiliates don't add an autoresponder series to their websites, because this is the thing that will earn them the most money.

And I admit... I've been guilty of that myself. Sometimes you just want to see a site making money before you invest even MORE money in building a follow-up series. Or sometimes you're just so exhausted by the time you finish putting your site together that this goes on the back burner.

An autoresponder seems more like "extra credit" for an affiliate site, but Mark is adamant that it should be the main focus. To the extent that you might not even promote affiliate products on your website at all!

So this autoresponder series comes with about 65 "informational" emails, and about another 15 "hard sell" emails written by Mark himself. He also tells you WHEN you should be sending these out to get the best response from your list, since just emailing someone once a week in the first month or two isn't really going to cut it.

I was quite surprised at the quality of these emails... they're far beyond PLR quality. You could even put these on your website if you wanted an extra 60+ articles! They're the kind of thing that's going to get people on your list trusting your opinion... at which point you can promote products to them and watch the commissions roll in.

One other aspect that made me think that this maybe isn't purely aimed at newbies is Mark's view that while SEO is low-risk, the bigger risk that newbies face is that they're not going to see results quickly enough, and they'll give up.

Because of that, as part of AffiloJetpack he's also offering training on a variety of other traffic generation methods. You can still do SEO... but he's saying that if you want to see fast results (and faster cash) you should look at these other methods.

The final verdict? AffiloJetpack is great for newbies who can't get past the nitty gritty of building a site. It really makes the whole process laughably easy compared to the weeks or months it might take a newbie to put together a site on their own.

More experienced affiliates are probably going to see the real benefit in the huge amount of high-quality content that Mark has put together. Even to put together ONE newsletter series of this quality is going to cost you at least double the cost of this entire product. And with AffiloJetpack you get FIVE of these niches and newsletter series', so to my budget-conscious ears, thats ridiculously good value.

Whatever way you look at it, and whatever level of experience you have, this product is a winner. Even if you don't want to follow Mark's strategies... do yourself a favour and grab it just for the content.

Very highly recommended.

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