Monday, July 26, 2010

AffiloJetpack Special Bonus

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Bonus #1 $397 Value!!

$397 Value!

  • Hwo to get started with no money whatsovever.
  • How to choose a profitable niche without spending
    hours doing research.

  • Why people make this huge mistake when looking for a profitable

  • My rapid indexing method which will get your lenses indexed

  • The important steps on exactly how to set up your lens in a way that Google loves.
  • How to make sure there are hungry buyers in your marketplace before you even create a single lens on the subject.
  • My secret and deadly method for finding new keywords that are proven to work for your lens.
  • How to have profitable niches sent directly to your inbox everyday.....for free.
  • My secret collection of online tools and how you can use them too to rapidly increase your earnings.

  • Why what you may already know about Squidoo is total lies and mis-guided information.
  • and lots, lots more.....

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Bonus #2 $97 Value!!

$97 Value!

  • The 9 types of profitable blogs you can start building right now at zero cost!
  • 6 powerful profit centres you can discover and utilize all from the same blog (besides Google Adsense, that is)!
  • How to pick up a super HOT topic to make money from in less than 5 minutes!
  • How to create your own blog from scratch under 10 minutes - it doesn't matter even if you have no previous HTML or programming experience!
  • Blogging power strategies not many know so well of that can turn every page in your blog into income-generating assets!
  • The art of driving targeted traffic into your blog - while this has always been a mystery to most novice bloggers and beginning marketers, my manual demystifies this topic and exposes the truth, once and for all, on getting extremely TARGETED traffic to your blogs in boatloads!

  • How to use your blogs as lead-generating vehicles for maximum results! (Hint: no, it's not just about placing an opt-in box in the page!)
  • How to constantly update your blogs with fresh TOP quality content without having to necessarily chalk out a single word! There are little known methods that can help you possibly achieve this, believe it or not!
  • How to position your Google Adsense codes in your blog templates and optimize your blog content for maximum focus in your ads display... for maximum profits!
  • How you can use RSS in benefiting your blog growth and activities by as much as 150% and above!
  • How you can use your blog posts two-fold in building your blog page ranking and gaining viral exposure for FREE!
  • Starting your own blog for massive profits in 9 easy steps!
  • Powerful tools and resources you can use for FREE or low cost!
  • and lots, lots more.....

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Bonus #3 $97 Value!!

$97 Value!

  • The Key To The Kingdom - Discover how to easily locate keywords that will attract hordes of targeted visitors to your sites, all frothing at the mouth to buy what you're selling!
  • The Building Blocks - Find out the basics of keyword research, what keywords are and why they are the building blocks of a truly successful online business!
  • The Magic Of Long Tail - Uncover the magic behind long tail keywords and how they alone could become the upper hand over ANY competitors you might have.
  • The Secret Tool - Discover how to quickly and easily "cherry pick" all the profitable keywords you wish with a powerful FREE tool!

  • Over My Shoulder - See me do real life keyword research so you can easily replicate this for your own business starting mere hours from now!
  • Super Sleuthing Profits - Uncover the secret tools that will allow you to spy on your competitors and legally "steal" their valuable keyword lists!

  • Simple Niche Profits Exposed - See a live demo of one of the most powerful keyword research tools available and watch as I uncover niches and keywords that you could easily rank for starting today!
  • The Mystery Of LSI - Discover exactly what LSI is and how it affects your online business. More importantly, learn why many marketers are terrified of the inevitable introduction of LSI and how you can capitalize on this right now!
  • Research Profits Made Easy - See what people are typing into the search engines to find your website and then use this information to better target your marketing campaigns and to unearth new, untapped keywords for more sales!

  • Simple Bucket Cash - Discover the secret techniques you can use to turn a 'bucket' of keywords into a series of enormously profitable websites -- FAST!
  • Avoid This At All Cost - Learn the most common mistakes people make when researching and using their keywords and how you can avoid them to save yourself valuable time and money!
  • PPC Keywords - Find out where you can 'swipe' ultra profitable keyword lists and how to best use them to earn truckloads of cash with PPC!
  • And So Much More - Everything you need to know to quickly and easily unearth massively profitable keywords is right here for you!

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Bonus #4 $47 Value!!

$47 Value!

  • How Can Twitter Help Expand My Business and How Does Twitter Work For Making Money Online? The insider secrets that only 5% of all Twitter users know to literally dominate your niche!
  • Red Flags You Need To Consider Immediately Before You End Up Wasting Hundreds Of Precious Hours Using Twitter And End Up With An Addiction!
  • Don’t spend hundreds of hours of your life with Twitter Marketing struggling to see what works through trial and error…Use these strategies to create a rabid following!
  • You Need To Know These 5 Basic Tips If You Are A Twitter Newbie To Avoid Wasting Valuable Time… Avoid the deadly mistakes most make with Twitter!

  • How To Use Twitter To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog And Provide Valuable Targeted Content For Your Followers… Follow These Guidelines To Insure Maximum Profits…Don’t follow this and you’re simply wasting YOUR time!
  • How To Set Up Your Twitter Account Properly For YOUR Niche And Generate More Followers… Discover the vital secret tactics that virtually Guarantees to generate a swarm of pre-qualified targeted traffic!

  • How To Make Money With Your “Tweets” Using Twitter The Right Way And To Avoid Annoying Your Followers!
  • Surefire Strategy How To Make Easy Residual Income With Twitter Without Doing Anything Black Hat…It does not get any easier than this!
  • Insider Secret Tactics On How To Set Yourself Apart From The Twitter Crowd… Most marketers have absolutely no idea how to convert their followers into real traffic and fail miserably to get any results at all!
  • How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes Most Marketers Are Doing With Twitter To Keep Your Following Growing Daily!
  • How To Open The Floodgates With Twitter By Using Valuable Resources, And Tools To Generate A Dynamic Massive Following And Build Your Twitter Success Smarter And Faster!
  • Without this secret your Twitter following will typically be about 500 to 1,500. Don’t you want to see how to get 3,000+ followers within 60 days instead of 6 months?
  • Twitter Is NOT A Fad… Twitter Has Become A New Revolution In The Way We Do Business Online… Why is this too BIG to miss out on?

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